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Flat Roofing Specialists in Sugar Land, TX

Flat roofs require special handling, attention, and materials to defend against water leaks and other issues. Our team at Roof Masters in Sugar Land, TX is proud to be the region’s local trusted choice for commercial and residential flat roofing applications. An inexperienced contractor may try to shingle a flat roof. However, this does nothing but cause headaches and problems for property owners that will never go away until the incorrect installation is torn off and the job is completed correctly. Don’t waste time working with a roofer who doesn’t have a history with flat roofs. Call Roof Masters  for a free quote today.

Worker applies pvc membrane roller on roof very carefully. Correct welding with hand-welder, corner.

Why Do Flat Roofs Cause Problems?

Flat roofs are most common on commercial buildings. They’re often included to provide easy access to the roof, where things like HVAC and other equipment are stored. Some residential houses have flat roofs due to particular building codes or because of architectural choice. No matter the reason or type of building, they can all pose some issues if not dealt with properly. Some of the most common problems with flat roofs include.

Most Common Problems With Flat Roofs

Water & Moisture

Because the roof is flat, water does not runoff particularly well, leading to pooling and constant moisture.


As asphalt ages, it loses its elasticity and starts to bubble and crack, resembling alligator skin.


Cracks from age combined with water pooling on a flat surface provide easy access to water. If there are any cracks, gaps, or holes, water will find them and make its way into the building.


Changes in temperature cause roof materials to crack and expand. Over time, this weakens the flashing offering more areas for water to get behind.

Leave Your Flat Roof in the Good Hands of Pros

All roofs will eventually deteriorate and need repairs or replacement, but if you have a flat roof, it’s imperative you consult with a company like Roof Masters  in Sugar Land, TX to ensure your flat roofing needs are handled appropriately. We use the proper tools, materials, and techniques to give surfaces with no or shallow pitch the protection they require. Contact us for a free quote today.

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